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At the intersection of two of the hottest technology markets on the planet - wireless and security - Aruba is a fast-growing, privately-held network infrastructure company founded in February 2002. Aruba pioneered the concept of centralized wireless LANs and is credited with introducing the first modular WLAN switching system. Aruba builds high-performance mobility and security systems for enterprises that allow them to seamlessly introduce wireless, security and mobility services over their existing wired networks and manage those services from a single point. News and information are available at www.arubanetworks.com.



Aruba Networks



Aruba Networks - Wireless and Security Portfolio
wireless and security

Mobility Controllers

Mobility Controllers

Aruba's mobility controllers centralize the security and management of wireless environments. These systems are purpose-built for enterprises that require a scalable and secure wireless network to deliver high performance and value-added wireless services. Each system integrates sophisticated features, such as policy enforcement, firewall, VPN server, intrusion protection and RF management, typically found in point products.
Aruba 6000 Modular Mobility Controller
Aruba 5000 Modular Mobility Controller

Aruba 2400 Mobility Controller

Aruba 800 Mobility Controller

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Access Points

Access Points

Aruba 802.11a/b/g access points operate exclusively with Aruba mobility controllers. Aruba APs simultaneously provide network access and RF monitoring services. These multifunction devices eliminate the need for a separate RF sensor network to troubleshoot and protect the wireless environment.
Aruba 70 Dual Band, Multi-purpose 802.11 a/b/g Access Point
Aruba 60 and 61 Single Band, Dual-Purpose 802.11 a or b/g Access Point

Aruba 2E 2-Port Wired Access Point

Aruba 41 Single Radio, Multi-Band (802.11 a/b/g) Thin Access Point

Aruba 80M Dual Band, Outdoor 802.11 a/b/g Access Point/WDS Bridge

Aruba 80MB & SB Dual-Radio 802.11a/b/g Access Points/WDS Bridge

Antenna Options

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Mobility Software

Mobility Software

ArubaOS is a robust and highly sophisticated suite of mobility applications that provides unprecedented control over the entire wireless and mobile user environment.
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